1. Students belonging to notified minority communities viz. Muslim/Christian/Sikh/Buddhist/Jain/Parsi (Zoroastrian) studying in India only and fulfilling the Scheme guidelines are eligible to apply for these scholarships.
  1. For Merit cum Means based Scholarship: In case of Fresh Scholarships for the year 2015-16, students can apply online from 01.06.2015 to midnight of 30.9.2015.
    In case of Renewal scholarships students can apply online from 01.06.2015 to midnight of 15.11.2015.
    For Post Matric Scholarship: In case of Fresh scholarships for the year 2015-16 students can apply online from 01.06.2015 to midnight of 15.9.2015.
    In case of Renewal scholarships students can apply from 01.06.2015 to midnight of 10.10.2015.
    For Pre-Matric Scholarship: Student can apply online from 01.05.2015 to midnight of 31.07.2015.
  1. The Pre-Matric, Post Matric and Merit cum Means based Scholarship Schemes are online Schemes. In order to apply online please visit the website through URL www.scholarships.gov.in link to the site is also provided in the website of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, i.e. www.minorityaffairs.gov.in.
  1. Applying procedures for both Fresh and Renewal Scholarship are given below:
    FreshFor registration, go through the option “Student login” on the home page of National Scholarship Portal then click on “Register” button. Thereafter the system will instruct the applicant to fill up the application in five different tabs i.e. PERSONAL DETAILS, ACADEMIC DETAILS, SCHEME DETAILS, BANK DETAILS and CONTACT DETAILS. Students have to submit the application accordingly. After submitting, the “Permanent Id will be generated. Student should memorize the PID which will be required to open the submitted application and to check the online status.
    RenewalRenewal Students have to apply with their Bank Account no which was entered in previous year (i.e. 2014-15) while applying for scholarship. Go through the options Student LoginRegisterSelect ‘domicile State’ Select ‘Renewal’ then enter pervious year account no. and Date of birth to apply for renewal scholarship. Next procedure will remain same as Fresh Registration.
    Note: Uploading of documents is mandatory for both Fresh and Renewal cases under Merit cum Means and Post Matric Scholarship schemes. While applying for scholarship, students must upload the required documents as per the instructions.
    Uploading of documents is mandatory in case of Pre matric Scholarship Scheme also, if student is applying online.
    The list of documents to be uploaded for both Fresh & Renewal Scholarships under Pre-Matric, Post Matric & Merit cum Means is as under:
    1. Institution Verification Form. (Mandatory)
    2. Income Certificate issued by an authorized Officer in the State/UT - (Mandatory)
    3. Declaration of the Student. (Mandatory)
    4. Religion Certificate. (Mandatory)
    5. (i) In case of Fresh: Self-Attested Certificate of Last Board Exam Passed as filled in the Form. (Mandatory).
    (ii) In case of Renewal: Self-Attested Certificate of Last Exam Passed as filled in the Form. (Mandatory) (Not applicable for Pre-Matric)
    6. Fee Receipt of ‘Current Course Year’. (Mandatory)
    7. Proof of Bank Account in the Name of the Student. (Mandatory)
    8. Aadhaar Card (Optional)
    9. Proof of Address (Optional)
    Note: Students must select their bank/branch details carefully from the drop down list. Thereafter the complete account no. must be entered correctly. If bank details entered by students are found incorrect, the scholarship amount will not be transferred, though the application is approved for scholarship.
  1. You can edit information filled by you until you submit the online application. To edit the application, go to the option “Student login” enter the application id then click on submit ‘login’ button.
  1. You can edit all details except the details entered in “Personal Details” tab. It may be noted that once you click on “Confirm and Submit” button your application will be forwarded to the next level and then you cannot edit further.
  1. Fields provided with red asterisk(*) mark are mandatory fields.
  1. No. You can fill up the online application in many sittings, until you are satisfied that you have entered all desirable fields correctly. The software provides facility to save your application at every stage until you click on ‘Confirm & Submit’ button.
  1. UID number otherwise known as ‘Aadhaar’ number is Unique Identification Number given by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The Aadhaar Number should be mapped with the Bank Account in which Scholarship Amount is desired to be transferred. For this the concerned Bank may be contacted with a copy of the Aadhaar card.
  1. Aadhaar no. is optional for the Students in order to fill up the application form online. Students can also apply for Scholarship without entering the Aadhaar no. However, it is emphasized that student should enroll for Aadhaar at the earliest opportunity.
  1. Temporary ID (TID) is only a reference number provided to the applicants as a token of their registration in the online database.
  1. Yes. A Permanent ID (PID) will be provided to the candidate once his/her application is submitted online. It will be conveyed to candidates through SMS and e-mail. Students should memorize their PID as it will be required while applying for renewal. Receipt of PID does not give itself a guarantee for award of scholarship.
  1. The process of re-collection of the Temporary/Permanent id is given as below:
    “Student login->Forgot Registration Details?” then enter the basic fields accordingly and click on the button “Get Registration details””.
  1. You should immediately approach the institute to contact with the nodal officer of the State where the institute is located. You can also approach the Nodal Officer of that State directly through e-mail under intimation to the Ministry of Minority Affairs. If your institute is an eligible institution, the State Government concerned would enter it into the database and then you can apply.
  1. You have to login under the option ‘Student Login’ by entering your Permanent id and Date of Birth. Once login, you will be able to view the option ‘Check Your Status’. Under this option you can check your online status.
  1. The name and contact details of the Nodal Officer/State Department of all States/UTs are available under the link of Ministry of Minority Affairs on the home page of National Scholarship Portal (NSP).